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    "If educators cannot successfully integrate new technologies into what it means to be a school, then the long identification of schooling with education, developed over the past 150 years, will dissolve into a world where the students with the means and the ability will pursue their learning outside of public school."
    "Schools were prevalent in the era of apprenticeship, and they will be prevalent in whatever new system of education comes into being. But the seeds of a new system are beginning to emerge, and they are already beginning to erode the identification of learning and schooling. As these new technologically driven seeds germinate, education will occur in many different, more adaptive venues, and schools will have a narrower role in learning."
    19th Century."
    I need to be brief for now because I need to be off to work. I dream everyday of a new vision for schools, teaching and learning. My experience is in elementary and promoting change sometimes feels like moving a mountain. I look for the small changes to celebrate but I long for the big changes that will matter. For elementary, I would like for us to put the established, inflexible curriculum on the back shelf. I think students will learn the most important pieces of the curriculum by following their passions. I look for a day when I can stand at the entrance of our school and ask kids about their passions, what they want to learn that day, and how they are going to go about doing it. Would that change our daily lives at school? I sure hope so. I will revisit later to add some clarity to my thinking. For now, I continue to dream and think about my actions that will make those dreams happen.
    Karen Szymusiak
    Portland Oregon
    I notice you don't ask how the role of middle schools will continue to evolve. Yet, I have seen some genuinely innovative programs be cultivated at that level, especially in the area of democratic instruction, and I can't help but think that moving to more student-directed and genuinely student-centered learning will need to be at the core of what we do. With that in mind, my questions would include what are things we genuinely need for everyone to learn, what areas are most negotiable, and as kids pass through middle school how do we help them take increasing responsibility for their lives and set a direction without cutting off alternatives should they need to go in a new direction later on. As we work through those issues, we could continually examine how technology can be a means to an end. I would suggest an underlying goal, which totally fits with middle school philosophy, of balancing intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development. My final question would be, as with others here, where are programs that already do this?
    Bill Ivey
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    Thelooking for more Coolest Guy In America resourcesThe "Decoupling" of
    {} The next ten years promise to be hugely disruptive for the traditional idea of school as more and more alternative learning platforms are created and expanded. This conversation will focus not on technology but on the larger shifts that will have to occur for schools to evolve into a different role in our society. Driving the discussion will be these quotes from Allan Collins and Richard Halverson's recent book Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology :
    "If educators cannot successfully integrate new technologies into what it means to be a school, then the long identification of schooling with education, developed over the past 150 years, will dissolve into a world where the students with the means and the ability will pursue their learning outside of public school."

    Thanks to everyone that participated!
    Let's start a list of questions raised by these quotes (and others that come out of the discussion). Feel free to edit this page:
    7. Do students need to learn new skills in how to organize information and data that they collect on their laptop? They are great about sharing and collaborating but how do they frame it?
    8. How do we help kids prepare for work in a knowledge economy where they need to be skilled in knowledge work?
    More Resources:
    Painters Brisbane
    Ada Michigan Homes
    SEO Optimisation

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  1. page The Questions edited ... How do we help students discover their passions? Who is going to pay for equity of access to …
    How do we help students discover their passions?
    Who is going to pay for equity of access to these environments?
    resources more effectively, the kids?effectively for our students?
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    Fred Bartels @fredbartels Escalator video?
    For those disruptors who want to continue brainstorming related to virtual schools, please consider adding your voice to an effort to conceptualize a new model for virtual schools that addresses many of the issues that were raised in this discussion. Thanks for considering. Fred
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    Than Porter: @nporter
    Carol Potash @me_cp
    Fred Bartels @fredbartels Escalator video?
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    "Schools were prevalent in the era of apprenticeship, and they will be prevalent in whatever new system of education comes into being. But the seeds of a new system are beginning to emerge, and they are already beginning to erode the identification of learning and schooling. As these new technologically driven seeds germinate, education will occur in many different, more adaptive venues, and schools will have a narrower role in learning."
    "Our generation faces a...radically new, design challenge. We are dealing with a mature, stable system of education designed to adapt to gradual change, but ill-suited to embrace radical change. The pace of technological change has outstripped the ability or school systems to adapt essential practices. Schools have fiddled with learning technologies on the margins of the system, in boutique innovations that leave core practices untouched. The emergence of new forms of teaching and learning outside of school threaten the identification of learning with formal schooling forged in the 19th Century."
    Thanks to everyone that participated!

    Let's start a list of questions raised by these quotes (and others that come out of the discussion). Feel free to edit this page:
    What does this new design look like?
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  2. page The Questions edited What does an educated person look like today? What are the essential practices of teachers in a s…
    What does an educated person look like today?
    What are the essential practices of teachers in a system where students are learning outside of school?
    If some percentage of schooling is socialization and relationship building, how would that happen outside of school?
    How are we going to shift the expectations for schools from all of our constituents?
    How do we change policy to support more flexible time and place learning?
    How does our thinking of the physical space change?
    How do we support the changing role of teacher?
    What is the role of the teacher?
    Do we really need a physical space?
    How do K-12 and higher ed have this conversation about change together?
    What is the purpose of school?
    How do we teach kids ethics and citizenship?
    How do we continue to make school available to everyone?
    Is school a resource or it something we do?
    How do we adapt our curriculum to the technologies that kids are already using?
    How do we ensure that every child has access to learning opportunities outside of school?
    How do we make school fun?
    What should be compulsory about school?
    How do we make sure that the weakest forms of traditional schooling don't get amplified by technology?
    How do we avoid the social justice implications of an elitist model of education?
    How do we ensure those without privilege have equal access to quality education and opportunity?
    How do we become better equipped, both as individuals and as systems, to deal with change?
    What is preventing us from being adaptable to change?
    How do we rethink the reallocation of resources to support individualized instruction?
    We will be creating a new class of marginalized people with these shifts?
    What is the essential learning that schools impart to students?
    How do public schools prove that they are commtted to education all children?
    What risks are we willing to accept?
    What is our obligation to collaborate with other systems going through similar changes?
    How do we measure or assess the effectiveness of individualized self-directed learning outside of school?
    How do you validate or evaluate informal learning?
    How do we help students discover their passions?
    Who is going to pay for equity of access to these environments?
    How can we use our best resources more effectively, the kids?

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  3. page Full Chat edited Joined on January 30, 2010 at 2:15 PM ---------------------jeff: sound.. but quiet -------------…
    Joined on January 30, 2010 at 2:15 PM
    ---------------------jeff: sound.. but quiet
    ---------------------Cathyjo: Christine
    ---------------------Cathyjo: yes--i jacked volume up too and hear murmurings
    ---------------------JenWagner: Ian will fix it --
    ---------------------Moderator: yeah, i turned down the volume
    ---------------------JenWagner: I feel like we have our own personal moderator now
    ---------------------Moderator: on account of all the talking
    ---------------------Cathyjo: I know
    ---------------------Cathyjo: LOL
    ---------------------Cathyjo: Iam we want to hear this too
    ---------------------JenWagner: if you are very quiet -- you can hear Mac snoring
    ---------------------JenWagner: I did not know cats snore
    ---------------------JenWagner: so obedient Ian
    ---------------------Moderator: ok, volume is all the way up
    ---------------------mrsdurff: okay sound
    ---------------------Me: Test
    ---------------------mrsdurff: dogs snore too
    ---------------------Me: Hey Jen...could you be a chat captain for me?
    ---------------------mrsdurff: video and audio are perfect
    ---------------------Moderator: dogs snore more than cats
    ---------------------JenWagner: Ian -- I just asked Paul Wood to buy you a pepsi
    ---------------------Moderator: :D
    ---------------------mrsdurff: he better
    ---------------------mrsdurff: i'll tell him too
    ---------------------JenWagner: Tall man -- 6' 5 or 6 -- whiskers
    ---------------------Moderator: i'd rather a sandwich, actually
    ---------------------JenWagner: look for him
    ---------------------JenWagner: okay --
    ---------------------JenWagner: before this session is over -- I bet you have a sandwich
    ---------------------mrsdurff: ok that's two tweets for that pepsi
    ---------------------Moderator: ahh, brb
    ---------------------mrsdurff: sandwich? coming up
    ---------------------Moderator: getting food
    ---------------------Todd Williamson:'s like the twilight zone with the elluminate up on the screen in back
    ---------------------Me: I need someone to capture questions from this chat and share them out at the appropriate moment. Volunteers?
    ---------------------JenWagner: OHHH yes
    ---------------------JenWagner: where to share??
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: Brenda!! Welcome!!
    ---------------------JenWagner: drop them on the wiki??
    ---------------------jeff: what about using the whiteboard?
    ---------------------mrsdurff: done. we are very accomodating on twitter
    ---------------------JenWagner: wall wisher??
    ---------------------Me: But not until later...I'll let you know.
    ---------------------JenWagner: got it
    ---------------------Me: Are you in Cal?
    ---------------------JenWagner: I am
    ---------------------JenWagner: is that okay??
    ---------------------JenWagner: laughing
    ---------------------mrsdurff: :)
    ---------------------mrsdurff: she saw you looking, Jen
    ---------------------JenWagner: test drive --- okay -- I think it works
    ---------------------JenWagner: had to make sure I could copy/paste elluminate
    ---------------------JenWagner: somone else -- be a backup please
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: will do my best Jen...naptime could end at any moment around here though
    ---------------------JenWagner: okay
    ---------------------techicebreaker: Did Ian get his sandwich and pepsi?
    ---------------------JenWagner: just in case technology goes bad
    ---------------------Brenda Dyck: Hi Todd! Are you in Philadlephia or at home?
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: I'm home glad I can attend virtually though!
    ---------------------Moderator: i went and swiped myself a sprite
    ---------------------pennyburger: This is wild, I have two sessions up simoultaneously, can't be in two places at once in the real world!
    ---------------------Moderator: but no luck on the sandwich
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: so that does work penny?
    ---------------------JenWagner: still early
    ---------------------jconroy: @Todd I understand completely. How old?
    ---------------------JenWagner: it will come
    ---------------------Brenda Dyck: How is the sound for you- its a bit garbled right now for me.
    ---------------------mrsdurff: tell people in etherpad to enter their names above chat
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: I have a 1 yo and a 3 yo
    ---------------------Carol: The sound won't work if in two places, I don't think
    ---------------------John Goldsmith: How do you listen to two sessions at once?
    ---------------------Jenny Luca: is it possible to be in two sessions at once!!
    ---------------------jconroy: Stereo?
    ---------------------JenWagner: I tried to do 2 the first session -- it was not the most positive thing I have done
    ---------------------mrsdurff: @carol mine will
    ---------------------mrsdurff: but my brain won't
    ---------------------JenWagner: actually I was watching Brian but listening to Gary
    ---------------------Colin Jagoe: I tried 2 as well. Not so easy.
    ---------------------JenWagner: and thinking they were the same
    ---------------------mrsdurff: :)
    ---------------------jconroy: will these sessions be archived so we can "attend" the other sessions during the same strand?
    ---------------------mrsdurff: oh, oh, oh that IS funny
    ---------------------mrsdurff: ROFL
    ---------------------JenWagner: Ian - what grade are you??
    ---------------------Jenny Luca: Think i need to focus on Michael Wacker
    ---------------------Marragem: @jenWagner - but you tried :)
    ---------------------mrsdurff: 16th grade?
    ---------------------Moderator: I'm actually a freshman at temple
    ---------------------JenWagner: excellent
    ---------------------JenWagner: well, if we come next year -- I will bring you a sandwich
    ---------------------mrsdurff: you are very knowledgeable
    ---------------------Moderator: but i like SLA so much that i came to help out
    ---------------------Marragem: @Jenny Luca - are you in your element?
    ---------------------pennyburger: I just opened two sessions, sound coming in from both, believe me! Gonna choose only one, once they begin though
    ---------------------mrsdurff: I almost made it
    ---------------------mrsdurff: my heart is there
    ---------------------mrsdurff: 3 mins to launch
    ---------------------Jessica Brogley: What's the topic being discussed at this session?
    ---------------------JenWagner: De-coupling something
    ---------------------mrsdurff: The "Decoupling" of Education and School: Where do We Begin?
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: I have Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology on order...waiting for it to get here...really looking forward to reading it
    ---------------------JenWagner: smiles, lisa, you know I always simplify things way down
    ---------------------Jessica Brogley: Thanks. I'm in Wisconsin watching.
    ---------------------Colin Jagoe: I ordered it too Todd, got email that it's been shipped. Waiting....
    ---------------------jconroy: is it a new book?
    ---------------------Brenda Dyck: I'm in Calgary Alberta, Canada watching
    ---------------------SueH: Lovely
    ---------------------mrsdurff: refilling the coffee
    ---------------------JenWagner: SHOUT OUT -- where are you from??
    ---------------------pennyburger: Muscatine Iowa!
    ---------------------LesleyE: Vancouver Canada
    ---------------------JenWagner: Murrieta, CA
    ---------------------techicebreaker: Sterling Heights, Michigan
    ---------------------Maryanne: I'm really enjoying The World is Open by Curtis Bonk. Anyone else read it?
    ---------------------themusicwoman: Vancouver Canada
    ---------------------londonr: Mocksville, North Carolina
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: New Bern, NC
    ---------------------lynnemb: RuthrefordNew Jersey
    ---------------------Fred Bartels: Mamaroneck, NY
    ---------------------Jerry - @jswiatek: Inverness, Florida
    ---------------------jeff: United Kingdom
    ---------------------Maryanne: Frederick, MD
    ---------------------SueH: I'm in Surrey, BC -- should we start a Caneducon group to see if we can get something off the ground for next year?
    ---------------------Colin Jagoe: Here's teh amazon link.
    ---------------------themusicwoman: @SueH YES!!!
    ---------------------Doug Sadler (aka SadOne): Windsor Ontario Canada
    ---------------------Colin Jagoe: I agree Sue, although there's lots of Canucks there.
    ---------------------Carol: orange county, ny
    ---------------------JenWagner: wow, my sound is weird -- it does NOT sound like WILL
    ---------------------Colin Jagoe: Hey Doug!
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: Will on helium
    ---------------------Colin Jagoe: I'm in Brighton, ONtario
    ---------------------Cathyjo: no he's a little higher pitch
    ---------------------Doug Sadler (aka SadOne): Hey Colin
    ---------------------Marragem: Brisbane, Australia
    ---------------------techicebreaker: Where is Brighton?
    ---------------------SueH: Ok -- all Canadians who are interested can email me at
    ---------------------SueH: HI again Marragem
    ---------------------Colin Jagoe: Brighton is 1.5 hrs east of Toronto, on Lake ONtario
    ---------------------Marragem: hey SueH
    ---------------------jeff: What time is it Maragem?
    ---------------------JenWagner: isn't it tomororw Marragem?
    ---------------------Marragem: @jeff - 5:30am
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: there we go...6 months old for the book
    ---------------------jeff: wow
    ---------------------Marragem: @JenWagner - yes, I'm coming to you from the future. Lovely pink sunrise here
    ---------------------JenWagner: will almost sounds like WILL ---
    ---------------------JenWagner: almost lunch time here, M
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: marragem...guess the session must be good if you came back to yesterday to hear it ;)
    ---------------------jeff: an I'm coming to you from ther past
    ---------------------Marragem: @Todd :)
    ---------------------lynnemb: He does sound different
    ---------------------SueH: @ Caneduconners -- There's a group in Classroom 2.0 called Canadians Mashup -- should we move the discussion there?
    ---------------------Jenny Luca: @Marragem Hi- great to see an Aussie here!
    ---------------------Marragem: @Jenny Luca - have been awake for 24hrs. Strange but I'm not tired!
    ---------------------JenWagner: you'll be tired on Monday
    ---------------------Jenny Luca: @marragem It's all catching up with me here. The New York experience was full on
    ---------------------mrsdurff: uncomfortable is an understatement
    ---------------------SueH: Moderators -- can you please zoom in on the board so we can see the slides?
    ---------------------JenWagner: he only has 3 slides
    ---------------------JenWagner: and he hass already shown 2
    ---------------------Maryanne: What does SLA mean?
    ---------------------SueH: thanks
    ---------------------lynnemb: the quotes are on his wiki page for this session
    ---------------------JenWagner: Science Leadership Academy
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: science leadership academy
    ---------------------Moderator: sorry, i'm actually using my iSight to film, so i can't zoom
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: jen types faster than I do
    ---------------------Marragem: @JenWagner - I'll have to miss some of'tomorrow's' sessions. Have my first full week of school tomorrow (Monday)
    ---------------------SueH: OK
    ---------------------Maryanne: Thanks. For me it was Second Language Acquisition. :-)
    ---------------------Deb Gavin: What is the name of the book he is quoting from'
    ---------------------JenWagner: its cause I am in the persent Todd -- did you not say -- you were in the past?? :)
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology
    ---------------------Deb Gavin: thanks
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: Jen I'm in the moment...EST
    ---------------------JenWagner: ohhh, then I am in the past PST
    ---------------------mrsdurff: "Schools were prevalent in the era of apprenticeship, and they will be prevalent in whatever new system of education comes into being. But the seeds of a new system are beginning to emerge, and they are already beginning to erode the identification of learning and schooling. As these new technologically driven seeds germinate, education will occur in many different, more adaptive venues, and schools will have a narrower role in learning."
    ---------------------JenWagner: way to go, Lisa
    ---------------------themusicwoman: ty, mrsduff
    ---------------------SueH: @mrsdurff -- thanks
    ---------------------mrsdurff: "Our generation faces a...radically new, design challenge. We are dealing with a mature, stable system of education designed to adapt to gradual change, but ill-suited to embrace radical change. The pace of technological change has outstripped the ability or school systems to adapt essential practices. Schools have fiddled with learning technologies on the margins of the system, in boutique innovations that leave core practices untouched. The emergence of new forms of teaching and learning outside of school threaten the identification of learning with formal schooling forged in the 19th Century."
    ---------------------jeff: where is the quote from?
    ---------------------cfoote: thanks
    ---------------------JenWagner: all 3 are from the book -- title please
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: quotes from the book
    ---------------------techicebreaker: @mrsdurff thanks
    ---------------------Greg Thompson (akamrt): Rethinking School in the of Technology
    ---------------------Paula: Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology
    ---------------------cfoote: Rethinking School
    ---------------------jeff: thanks
    ---------------------Marragem: thanks @mrsdurff. I have so many tabs open, I haven't a hope of finding the wiki
    ---------------------JenWagner: Will wants your questions HERE too
    ---------------------Bryan Hughes: Book:
    ---------------------themusicwoman: Thanks, Bryan :)
    ---------------------cfoote: that last quote very interesting.
    ---------------------leslie Schecht: thanks Bryan for the link
    ---------------------themusicwoman: Moderator, are you able to retype questions as can't hear clearly?
    ---------------------JenWagner: we want you to do it all, Ian
    ---------------------lynnemb: Direction of US DOE seems to collide with this thinking.
    ---------------------Moderator: i can try...
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: engaging "outside" experts in the educational experience
    ---------------------themusicwoman: Please and thanks.
    ---------------------mrsdurff: the philly firewall strikes again
    ---------------------Moderator: no guarantees, though...
    ---------------------JenWagner: Is anyone in the ROOM also in the RL room -- can you help IAN by typing questions please
    ---------------------mrsdurff: ian your computer fan - can you turn it off while you stream?
    ---------------------techicebreaker: How are the new modes of education going to be recognized (for example diplomas, degrees)?
    ---------------------Colin Jagoe: Chants: Ian! Ian! Ian! :)
    ---------------------SueH: Or ask Will to reframe thw questions so we can hear what the audience was saying.
    ---------------------lynnemb: yes please
    ---------------------JenWagner: techicebreaker -- you are really there!?!?!
    ---------------------ayucht: interesting consideration: the autotelic learner: see esp as more kids are able to connect to non-school sources.
    ---------------------Moderator: its not my fan, it's the fan of the projector
    ---------------------Jerry - @jswiatek: That humming in the background is putting me to slee......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    ---------------------JenWagner: we pretend it is the engine on the AFrican Queen boat
    ---------------------techicebreaker: @jenWagner I'm here in Sterling Heights, not in Philly :(
    ---------------------JenWagner: :)
    ---------------------SueH: @Jen lol
    ---------------------JenWagner: Carolyn foote thought of that
    ---------------------marymath: jenWagner from HSSD?
    ---------------------cfoote: trying to see if I can have 2 laptops tuned into two different eluminate rooms and not drive my college aged son crazy
    ---------------------JenWagner: get ready to BRAIN DUMP
    ---------------------leslie Schecht: address of educon wiki page?
    ---------------------mrsdurff: where are we dumping our brains?
    ---------------------JenWagner: smiles, he has the mickey mouse voice again here
    ---------------------mrsdurff: ah the wiki
    ---------------------leslie Schecht: thanks jen
    ---------------------SueH: the fan has speeded up, more hampsters?
    ---------------------monika: link to his wiki handy?
    ---------------------JenWagner: so -- Will wants us to Brain Dump
    ---------------------JenWagner: Yeppers
    ---------------------Moderator: or
    ---------------------Doug Sadler (aka SadOne): Go Will Go
    ---------------------cfoote: :) yeah Will!
    ---------------------cfoote: Paying attentino to the room :)
    ---------------------cfoote: attention
    ---------------------ayucht: We can hear Will, but he needs to repeat comments from audience.
    ---------------------JenWagner: he wants us to just dump ideas
    ---------------------JenWagner: or thoughts
    ---------------------cfoote: are we going to dump them here or on the wiki? I was out of the room for moment.
    ---------------------JenWagner: or etc
    ---------------------JenWagner: you can DUMP both places
    ---------------------cfoote: I think that third quote is intriguing.
    ---------------------jconroy: just brainstorm on your own, and then will put everything up on the wiki later I believe
    ---------------------JenWagner: I will grab what I can here -
    ---------------------cfoote: Are the quotes pasted somewhere we can see them?
    ---------------------cuevash: Sounds like I'm in engineering in the Starship enterprise. ;)
    ---------------------JenWagner: they are on the wiki carolyn
    ---------------------Moderator: dump them on your own, then he's going to talk about them, and put them on the wiki
    ---------------------mrsdurff: me on the wiki
    ---------------------cfoote: I love the section--0schools have fiddled with the tools on the margins...
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: we are really moving to a place where so much learning can happen outside of do we get kids to leverage that ability?
    ---------------------mrsdurff: discussion tab on wiki
    ---------------------JenWagner: EDIT button on the top right
    ---------------------JenWagner: Ian, you scared me
    ---------------------Moderator: sorry, internet cut off
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: or even care about that ability for some of them..
    ---------------------Colin Jagoe: NP.
    ---------------------Moderator: it does that sometimes...
    ---------------------demetri 1: @Todd ...or teachers
    ---------------------JenWagner: Will...most people are adding thoughts to WIKI --
    ---------------------cfoote: link to wiki Jen?
    ---------------------techicebreaker: Where are they adding their thoughts?
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: agreed...what % of teachers do you think are actually "worried" about not being the sole source of knowledge in the classroom? Or recognize that they no longer are?
    ---------------------chuckholland: what's the link for the wiki?
    ---------------------JenWagner: thanks Carolyn
    ---------------------chuckholland: Thanks
    ---------------------JenWagner: Todd, that is a thought I posted on the WIKI -- I don't think teachers really are worried
    ---------------------JenWagner: I think they are content with staus quo and so is administraton
    ---------------------JenWagner: just fyi will -- the internet is sketchy right now
    ---------------------Me to SLA Moderator: Jen, when we start up again, if you could try to moderate a conversation in the chat around the most important questions...maybe try to agree on 8-10 that you can share out...
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: strange...I think there is the perception of eternal "change" in education...
    ---------------------mrsdurff: tell Elluminate to stop knocking me out
    ---------------------Colin Jagoe: To add to that, they are content, and don't realize that they are out of touch because they are not paying attention.
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: how do i enlarge the chat window?
    ---------------------techicebreaker: Many parents are also content with status worked for me attitude pretty prevalent
    ---------------------mrsdurff: I put on discussion tab
    ---------------------JenWagner: I don't think change is even on their radar -- for themselves
    ---------------------JenWagner: but it is on their radar for their students
    ---------------------mrsdurff: @Ernie go to tools
    ---------------------JenWagner: Meaning -- they expect their students to always do their best
    ---------------------JenWagner: move forward, try new things
    ---------------------JenWagner: etc
    ---------------------themusicwoman: But as teachers, are we doing the same things? ie: moving forward, trying new things . . .
    ---------------------mrsdurff: for whom is a school building necessary?
    ---------------------JenWagner: change is a personal option -- not admin driven for most of us
    ---------------------JenWagner: not the same for most teachers though -- agree
    ---------------------SueH: @Ernie Drag the top of the Chat window up to cover the list of participants
    ---------------------chuckholland: @ernie change the view layout to wide
    ---------------------lynnemb: Learning centers are definitely needed, perhaps organized by age and interest area
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: I think "change" is often limited to "what can we do new to put in the end of year reports"...which means that valuable things are getting "changed" out
    ---------------------Matthew Valia: any NYCDOE teachers in the room?
    ---------------------JenWagner: uhoh -- they just turned off the fan
    ---------------------lynnemb: Former DOE here
    ---------------------JenWagner: okay -- I think we are a group
    ---------------------JenWagner: :)
    ---------------------cfoote: :) jen
    ---------------------JenWagner: hope you don't have issues with that :)
    ---------------------lynnemb: Parents and politicians still don't think we need new model
    ---------------------cfoote: glad I sent @neontetra for our chicken burgers and stayed home to do this.
    ---------------------mrsdurff: Jen you pick
    ---------------------cfoote: Is there a way to enlarge the chat window for myself?
    ---------------------JenWagner: I think we are more advanced than those groups
    ---------------------jeff: I think the parent thing is important
    ---------------------cfoote: so i can see more of the dialogue?
    ---------------------mrsdurff: I say Ian is in our group
    ---------------------Marragem: @lynnemb - agree - hot topic In OZ at the moment
    ---------------------JenWagner: Carolyn I have my view set to 3 panes -- is yours??
    ---------------------jeff: (what shall we call our group?)
    ---------------------SueH: I think a new model may emerge because of economic constraints, but we may not have a hand in directing it
    ---------------------Bryan Hughes: @cfoote Switch to the wide layout from the View menu
    ---------------------mrsdurff: the disruptors
    ---------------------themusicwoman: @mrsdurff I like it!
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: got it - thx
    ---------------------cfoote: Jen, thanks!
    ---------------------mrsdurff: shall we create our own wikipage?
    ---------------------jeff: The disrupters it is then!
    ---------------------JenWagner: what about disrupters
    ---------------------mrsdurff: our name
    ---------------------JenWagner: Ohhhh that is fine
    ---------------------techicebreaker: Team Disruption
    ---------------------jeff: Jen - you being disruptive?
    ---------------------mrsdurff: oik we have a page
    ---------------------JenWagner: LOL
    ---------------------mrsdurff: what shall we put there?
    ---------------------JenWagner: what is the wikipage??
    ---------------------SueH: Can someone explain that reference (disrutpters) to me? I've heard it used so often but am not really sure where it came from or what it means in this context.
    ---------------------JenWagner: It means not settling for same old thing
    ---------------------mrsdurff: on will's
    ---------------------JenWagner: just cause you always have done it one way
    ---------------------JenWagner: you have to keep doing it that way
    ---------------------mrsdurff: Sue - it's a book
    ---------------------SueH: @ Jen -- Thanks
    ---------------------cfoote: I put mine on the wiki
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: Sue, I think it's largely pushed by Disrupting Class...about disruptive innovation in schools
    ---------------------Marragem: @SueH - stirring the pot. Meddler in the middle
    ---------------------mrsdurff: only one person can edit our page at once
    ---------------------SueH: More thanks
    ---------------------JenWagner: yep
    ---------------------cfoote: I wonder what we can do to speed up our school processors
    ---------------------mrsdurff: i elect jen
    ---------------------JenWagner: I already have a job, Lisa
    ---------------------jeff: I second that
    ---------------------JenWagner: Will got me first
    ---------------------cfoote: processes
    ---------------------JenWagner: :)
    ---------------------cfoote: not processor.
    ---------------------mrsdurff: pooh
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: schools need to make improvement happen on a new timeline - the five year plan means we graduate kids who have not received our best
    ---------------------JenWagner: you do it Lisa
    ---------------------chuckholland: Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns ~ Clayton Christense
    ---------------------cfoote: ErnieCox well said
    ---------------------jeff: Thanks Chuck
    ---------------------JenWagner: We graduate kids - or we just push them out
    ---------------------JenWagner: hmmm push them on??
    ---------------------SueH: I've been wondering about how much greater the culture shock will be as the younger kids who've had more Web 2.0 rich experiences in Elementary schoo reach secondary which tends to be harder to move in this direction.
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: each succeeding class benefits a little more, as we grow and improve
    ---------------------Marragem: we push them on. No repeats in our system
    ---------------------cfoote: I love what that quote said about schools tinkering around the margins.
    ---------------------cfoote: i know Sueh. My five year old nephew can use an iphone app.
    ---------------------lynnemb: Try the etherpad app for replies, too
    ---------------------chuckholland: Schools are scared to make changes. Mostly because teachers like to feel comfortable
    ---------------------cfoote: but @sueh many elementaries reluctant...ours are scared of the "real " web 2.0
    ---------------------techicebreaker: How will we get parents/society to recognize the new systems of education? Until that is done(or started) the old systems will remain.
    ---------------------SueH: @cfoote How's he going to react when he can't do that in sec.?
    ---------------------cfoote: our secondary is more venturesome
    ---------------------Marragem: my 2yr old g'daughter can navigate round my iphone. What will school be like for her in 3 years?
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: administrators need to accept the challenge, many are reluctant to show leadership in this area
    ---------------------SueH: Interesting
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: @cfoote totally agree...everything is cast in the light of historic educational practices...even new tech is described in ways that it "fills the needs" of teachers as they've always been
    ---------------------cfoote: @sueh hard to say...
    ---------------------cfoote: administartors are just not up to snuff in terms of tech.
    ---------------------cfoote: too many of them...
    ---------------------JenWagner: but Carolyn -- can administrators be the final blame for teachers not doing what they know they should
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: get admins on board, then reluctant teachers will be pushed
    ---------------------chuckholland: change has to be from the teachers.
    ---------------------cfoote: no...but teachers dont' think they "should" do anything..
    ---------------------cfoote: we often do things the way we were taught.
    ---------------------JenWagner: but then should they be teachers??
    ---------------------ayucht: Too many admins still think PPT is a new technology.
    ---------------------jeff: alot of teachers are still terrified of the tech
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: what about the "claws in" mentality of ed tech companies...Buy our silver will fix all your problems for you...
    ---------------------meacherteacher: @Marragem - yup. My 4yr old took pics at the store using a cell phone last week. Will email grandparents this weekend with birthday wish list.
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: if the status quo is accepted why will they change
    ---------------------cfoote: I think to me it's more the constructivist approach that is needed, than the technology.
    ---------------------JenWagner: I think people use admin and politics as a hurdle just so they dont' have to do anything
    ---------------------Carol: I think even getting admins on board has to be done differently.
    ---------------------JenWagner: then they can pass the blame of why they don't move
    ---------------------cfoote: We need to move off the sage/stage to a web 2.0 TEACHING style. collaborative style of teaching.
    ---------------------Me to SLA Moderator: A few more minutes...try to come up with some questions.
    ---------------------cfoote: we are all learners type of teaching. And administrating for that matter.
    ---------------------Marragem: I like @durff's question about learning spaces. Change the spaces & the change in pedagogy will follow
    ---------------------Carol: In many cases, admins. think they are on board because they are having teachers use PowerPoint or using their whiteboard as a projection screen
    ---------------------cfoote: Chris is a great model of how different an administrator could be.
    ---------------------jeff: collaborative teaching is important - and powerful
    ---------------------cfoote: he's part of the teaching staff, colleagial
    ---------------------Carol: learning spaces, collaborative teaching, - great ideas to change.
    ---------------------chuckholland: @cfoote, that's a tough change to get to happen. The sage on the stage is more about control than teaching and learning
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: admins have the power to free up teacher time for collaboration
    ---------------------Carol: The collaborative teaching needs to be true collaboration - not just wasted time
    ---------------------meacherteacher: @Carol - yes, we have to get the IWB use to be interactive, not display
    ---------------------SueH: But the spaces changed 25 years ago (open area) and most were eventually walled up because peopl clung to their own domains
    ---------------------cfoote: Patti, they do...and that can make a big difference.
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: Jen - pushing kids out - probably
    ---------------------Carol: Which comes from the admin part
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: would IWBs even be in classrooms if the "pressure to change" wasn't there? I think there is real pressure to change, just not effective change going one
    ---------------------chuckholland: @patti I agree.
    ---------------------techicebreaker: I think parents and society also need to be changed
    ---------------------JenWagner: Techiebreaker -- how?
    ---------------------cfoote: techicebreaker, lol..kind of hard to change our customers.
    ---------------------Marragem: @SueH - I'm talking no desks
    ---------------------chuckholland: @techiebreaker explain
    ---------------------cfoote: We have to take them as they come...
    ---------------------ayucht: I think change will come FROM the kids. They don't know it "has" to be the old way. They're now used to creating their own content... and will expect to do that everywhere
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: we have 35 in a class, group work is noisy
    ---------------------SueH: What is the key role of admin -- to be enablers? Top down or bottom up style of leadership
    ---------------------cfoote: I still love the quote from last night...How can we help them expose their own brilliance?
    ---------------------techicebreaker: By change: I mean willing to except new learning spaces/techniques/modes of education
    ---------------------SueH: @Marragem -- got it
    ---------------------jeff: Right Ayucht
    ---------------------JenWagner: @ayucht -- excellent
    ---------------------techicebreaker: oops that should have been accept new...
    ---------------------meacherteacher: I think admin must lead. No excuse for them to say "use..." if they have no idea how or why
    ---------------------JenWagner: techie -- we are not picking on you -- just wondering
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: ayucht - that is why true student participation is key to school success...student choice and voice
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: exactly meacher, they must walk the walk
    ---------------------cfoote: @ayucht Funny, though--I think kids do that allt he time, but they sort of expect to "turn that off" at school "somewhat"
    ---------------------mrsdurff: Ok look at our page and extract qts
    ---------------------charlie_wilson: Administrators need professional development in creating student centerd learning environments.
    ---------------------Carol: true to the different styles of learning, teaching, administrating.
    ---------------------cfoote: they compartmentalize.
    ---------------------mrsdurff: bhsprincipal Wednesday, 10:48 amIt is frustrating to see the "glacier like" movement of change in education. I think we need to tackle this problem differently, but I can't say I know exactly how. I know that I do not want someone to design "a model" of what schools should look like for all to implement because I think by the time it is designed it will be irrelevant as well. Also, a one size fits all approach is never a solution.
    I am wondering if a greater parent voice would help move the agenda. I think that we need to re-educate parents who are products of an outdated educational model as to what their children need to move forward. I would like to think that parents want what is best for their children and if we engage them in the conversation we may start to change some things. I think we can also do a great deal more to involve students at the high school.
    Of course, I am assuming that teachers actually have a meaningful voice in this which is often times not the case.
    What is the tipping point?
    ---------------------mrsdurff: oi veh
    ---------------------chuckholland: @ayucht I agree, but the teachers and administratio has to allow the change to occur
    ---------------------ayucht: new focus for inquiry projects: what do YOU (students) want to find out, not what do I (tchr) want you to learn?
    ---------------------mrsdurff: yes tyu
    ---------------------Doug Sadler (aka SadOne): success will be in a partnership of admin and teachers
    ---------------------mrsdurff: i need a new cpu
    ---------------------lynnemb: IWB is not really 'change' .. it's all about how you use it
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: how to reconcile what the kids want to know vs the standards and required curriculum
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: US moves toward National Standards will there be even LESS choice in what students want to learn?
    ---------------------Carol: Teahcers clinging to their domains happens a lot. And blocks change
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: more focus on what teachers are TOLD to teach?
    ---------------------Carol: Todd - agreed. Pressure to change, just not always effective
    ---------------------meacherteacher: Part of the change should be a cross-curricular approach
    ---------------------monika: i think we need to ed the public to free up the possibilities then facilitate a student-centric system
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: all this takes planning TIME
    ---------------------Patti: Until you get rid of standardized state tests, it will be very difficult to change the way teachers teach.
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: Patti...and soon standardized national tests
    ---------------------JenWagner: at Patti -- but then, don't you think they will standardize something else
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: thanks race to the top
    ---------------------ayucht: Big difference (and void) between what students *want* to learn and what Educational Hierarchy thinks they *should* learn. Need to find way to bridge the gap!
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: anyone who thinks their day is over at 3:15 is not in change mode
    ---------------------Doug Sadler (aka SadOne): @patti Excellent point.
    ---------------------cfoote: trying to eat while listening..hard!
    ---------------------ayucht: @Patti. too true!
    ---------------------cfoote: hope will sees we made a "sidebar"
    ---------------------JenWagner: go ahead Lisa -- raise your hand
    ---------------------jeff: Patti - yup
    ---------------------lynnemb: Recent studies suggest that turning around low performing schools was achieved mostly because of collaboration of all the stakeholders
    ---------------------Marragem: @Patti @Todd - we have national testing :(
    ---------------------Patti: @JenW - probably, because there has to be some accountability. But, my personal opinion is that there shouldn't be standardized testing. BTW, I'm an admin.
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: @aycuht we need educators to see that gap first
    ---------------------karenszymusiak: We often talk about what can't happen. We need to imagine the possibilities.
    ---------------------mrsdurff: tried to capture qts till will said stop
    ---------------------mrsdurff: now on wiki
    ---------------------JenWagner: Are you going to label what an educator looks like??
    ---------------------Moderator: if someone wants to talk from your group, i can give them Mic privalages...
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: schools should be able to toot their horn over their innovation and engagement of students and not their test scores
    ---------------------JenWagner: OHHHH great
    ---------------------JenWagner: let IAN know if you want to talk
    ---------------------JenWagner: WILL would love that
    ---------------------Moderator: jen, do you want to talk?
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: does socialization really happen in school?
    ---------------------JenWagner: nope
    ---------------------cfoote: We made sidebar page, that wuold work on wiki
    ---------------------Carol: Good question - what does an educated person look like today?
    ---------------------mrsdurff: I was disconnected from etherpad
    ---------------------Carol: Compare school leader to business leader, maybe
    ---------------------mrsdurff: there's joyce!
    ---------------------Maryanne: How do we validate and evaluate informal learning?
    ---------------------JenWagner: if you are in the etherpad -- can you drop out
    ---------------------JenWagner: for now
    ---------------------cfoote: jen can you be our spokesperson?
    ---------------------monika: do we want educated people or indispensable people?
    ---------------------JenWagner: Yes, I will on the etherpad
    ---------------------Colin Jagoe: Ok, I'm out.
    ---------------------cfoote: with a mic? ;)
    ---------------------techicebreaker: I'm out
    ---------------------JenWagner: I have a microphone
    ---------------------Carol: out
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: what about people who are life long learners
    ---------------------cfoote: i love that Will really does lead conversations
    ---------------------mrsdurff: will should keep discussion on wiki in discussion tabs
    ---------------------JenWagner: okay I am set up
    ---------------------lynnemb: I sense that the leading direction from Govt is corporatizing education and this is a major obstacle. Their vision of accountability is not congruent with free form structures.
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: outside of the school bldg only possible for those students who have technology at their disposal; still not a level playing field
    ---------------------mrsdurff: $ talks
    ---------------------Carol: a more meaningful learning experience for a student oftimes happens outside of school
    ---------------------JenWagner: Ian -- if I need the MIC -- I will let you know
    ---------------------Moderator: ok, after this question, i'll raise my hand
    ---------------------JenWagner: NO
    ---------------------JenWagner: not yet
    ---------------------JenWagner: he will ask us
    ---------------------Moderator: ok
    ---------------------mrsdurff: Three Cheers for Ian!
    ---------------------Lisa Dempster: is there a link to the etherpad?
    ---------------------cfoote: yeah Ian!
    ---------------------cfoote: you are doing a great job
    ---------------------jeff: Yoh Ian!
    ---------------------charlie_wilson: Interdisciplinary teacher teams work with a set cohort of learners in small learning communities
    ---------------------mrsdurff: @Lisa we are out
    ---------------------JenWagner: if he asks us to join
    ---------------------JenWagner: then we wil, okay
    ---------------------mrsdurff: it only takes 16 people
    ---------------------cfoote: oh, Jen, i think you should raise your hand ;)
    ---------------------Lisa Dempster: oh, ok, thanks
    ---------------------SueH: @charlie -- that's how the school I started at 35 years ago was arrnged
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: @charlie sadly we have folks in NC who are pushing to go back to Junior high model from middle school effectively arguing against interdisciplinary teachinhg...
    ---------------------Carol: Ex., a friend of mine just went to Ecuador - stayed with a host family for one week. Could have made a presentation to his Spanish class on his experience. Instead had to translate some irrelevant assignment as makeup...
    ---------------------JenWagner: Lisa, can you drop out of the etherpad??
    ---------------------monika: money talks? transparency the new currency - if we're more transparent - ed the public - money can be spent differently
    ---------------------mrsdurff: I did Jen
    ---------------------Carol: We miss so many opportunities to be educated and to educate
    ---------------------Lisa Dempster: I'm not on it as far as I know, I haven't clicked anywhere, can you confirm?
    ---------------------cfoote: i want to know how AP curriculum fits into all of this?
    ---------------------Carol: Interdisc. a must, I think
    ---------------------cfoote: That's where we as educators need to do a pushback.
    ---------------------cfoote: our school very driven by AP demands, used as excuse
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: AP curriculum is based on the idea that not everyone can do "great" work
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: we must be talking about older kids, as elementary age will not be educated outside the walls, workinig parents...where are the kids
    ---------------------JenWagner: Yes, Patti
    ---------------------Carol: Right, Ernie, tru
    ---------------------mrsdurff: How do kids get school credit for activities outside the school structure?
    ---------------------charlie_wilson: Kids communicate with email outside the school walls
    ---------------------JenWagner: and SUE -- your question about Culutre Shock -- for younger kids -- I put on the ETHERPAD
    ---------------------Maryanne: Elementary kids will be on the computer as soon as theyt get home and will be learning if they have access.
    ---------------------chuckholland: the drive to take AP courses comes from kids anxious about their resume for college
    ---------------------SueH: our district has a largn online program for elementary kids
    ---------------------JenWagner: the path is not a connected path from K6 - 7;12
    ---------------------SueH: @ Jen thanks
    ---------------------charlie_wilson: Kids make wikis, blogs and create movies outside the school walls
    ---------------------cfoote: Chuck, what i mean is we need to pushback on collegeboard...
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: often highschools are behind elementary in technology opportunities for kids
    ---------------------cfoote: What they require.
    ---------------------jeff: Patti - I think you are right ... we keep kids in schools so that they are safe and off the streets
    ---------------------chuckholland: @cfoote...I agree..I misunderstood
    ---------------------cfoote: What they require is too factsbased. We need to push Collegeboard to embrace these changes. It will trickle down to curriculum in schools.
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: and for those who have no home access to tech, we are their only resource
    ---------------------ayucht: Ethics needs to be embedded in all learning, esp. in school!
    ---------------------monika: and esp in web use
    ---------------------cfoote: Collegeboard a tremendous influence in highschool curriculum.
    ---------------------SueH: @Jen -- that is the perennial program -- there is a grand canyon between the elementary and secondayr levels. If you add middle schools, then there are 3 canyons to cross, because the teachers do not collaborate or communicate
    ---------------------mrsdurff: school now is largely a babysitting service for working parents - how do we begin to change this?
    ---------------------JenWagner: it should be inclusive and not just web based ethics
    ---------------------meacherteacher: @charlie - agreed. People would be stunned at large number of 3rd and 4th graders trying to friend me on FaceBook. These kids are connected and learning outside school. They just lack structure and guidance
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: if we now add wikis, blogs, podcasting, video creation, programming etc...are we still focused on "just in case" rather than "just in time" learning?
    ---------------------charlie_wilson: The role of the teacher at home will change if they are engaging students outside the school walls
    ---------------------chuckholland: Kids left on their own will learn what they want to learn. The problem is we want them to learn something they are not intereseted in.
    ---------------------ayucht: What about digital divide: many kids have NO tech access at home.
    ---------------------JenWagner: aytucht - people forget that it still ture
    ---------------------JenWagner: true
    ---------------------charlie_wilson: No one said leave them alone. What about guiding them.
    ---------------------cfoote: can't hear speaker....Ian? can u repeat
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: about those that have little tech access even at school?
    ---------------------JenWagner: and that what is available in school is not consisten
    ---------------------JenWagner: consistent
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: @ayucht it is not just access, it is about what you can do with the access - it is the democractic digital divide
    ---------------------Moderator: they're defining school
    ---------------------jeff: so.. whats the answer?
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: instead of bemoaning the role of babysitter, turn it into a positive and say we are guiding them in their 21st century learning, and it is an important job
    ---------------------SueH: @chuck -- and I think we' have to make some of those decisions -- we have to stretch them out of their comfort zone
    ---------------------JenWagner: why are we still putting the emphsis on tech
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: and further...those that SHOULD have access at school (equipment in the building) but not effective use for learning?
    ---------------------ayucht: Yes - we cannot assume universal access... for kids OR for adults.
    ---------------------meacherteacher: @ayaucht - Our board put in 1:1 laptops, partly to help level the playing field
    ---------------------cfoote: I agree Jen, not about the tech.
    ---------------------JenWagner: Until schools get rid of the computer lab -- i doubt that we will see change
    ---------------------cfoote: It's about the learning. Constructivist methodology.
    ---------------------JenWagner: "computer lab"
    ---------------------JenWagner: separate location -- not classroom material
    ---------------------Cathyjo: even in library Jen?
    ---------------------mrsdurff: I have a regular class in the comp lab
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: oh no, get rid of the computer lab, where is my "free period"....that is what my teachers would say :-(
    ---------------------JenWagner: no -- that is a resource room
    ---------------------mrsdurff: not just computer in the lab
    ---------------------JenWagner: we are segregating computer
    ---------------------SueH: Libraries are a great model for a new vision?
    ---------------------Cathyjo: been sleeping--cant beleive I dozed off. Medicine head
    ---------------------JenWagner: so teachers are being able to ignore
    ---------------------cfoote: SueH, I'm a librarian
    ---------------------cfoote: so is Cathyjo
    ---------------------monika: library is the new hub
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: funny that so many computer labs aren't designed for experimentation
    ---------------------cfoote: woo hoo, monika
    ---------------------Cathyjo: great
    ---------------------lynnemb: computer labs can be great spaces, too
    ---------------------Cathyjo: i hope my situation in lib models what it should be like
    ---------------------meacherteacher: I like mobile laptops - bring them in to the place where the projects and questions are
    ---------------------JenWagner: lynnemb -- I agree -- but the norm for most schools is -- it is not
    ---------------------cfoote: Jen, I think you should put something on wiki about this not just being about technology
    ---------------------cfoote: there's Joyce!
    ---------------------acmcdonaldgp: re: narrowing the access gap, 1;1 is a great start, but mobile could be the end destination...
    ---------------------ayucht: Real issue: family attitudes toward learning. If parents don't see education as important, then it doesn't matter what kind of access the kid has. I know too many inner-city kids with all kinds of tech... and no interest in expanding their own knowledge.
    ---------------------JenWagner: I shall
    ---------------------Maryanne: @Ernie What do you mean by experimentation?
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: most of my teachers see a line between the computer lab and their classroom, step into the world of technology, step out of it and come back to 19th century classroom
    ---------------------SueH: I think the idea of a hub is also useful because it suggests nodes of activity branching off and working within the larger community or building but connected in a meaningful way
    ---------------------JenWagner: I added to the etherpad
    ---------------------cfoote: Patti, mobile laptop carts help a little bit with that.
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: we have mobile carts
    ---------------------JenWagner: can't do the wiki too
    ---------------------meacherteacher: @acmcdonaldgp - agreed. mobile has lots of interetsing possibilities
    ---------------------mrsdurff: are we the only group that added to the wiki?
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: try to get some people to use the laptops we have!
    ---------------------Moderator: "how do we keep the fun in learning?"
    ---------------------JenWagner: we are the only group that KNOWS about the WIKI so far
    ---------------------Moderator: :D
    ---------------------cfoote: lol
    ---------------------JenWagner: til he shows the etherpad
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: @maryanne - i mean where students can drive the setup of the lab to meet their needs - downloading new software, rearranging physical environment, etc
    ---------------------lynnemb: what's the limit on users in etherpad?
    ---------------------monika: @cfoote
    ---------------------mrsdurff: we hire Ian to keep the fun in learning
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: lynnemb possibly 16 in this one...normally 8 I think...
    ---------------------charlie_wilson: Computer lab are the wrong pedagogy. Use technology in the lab 1 class then go back to the other 4 classes with no technology
    ---------------------JenWagner: We love you Ian -- oh yes we do
    ---------------------monika: make school fun by centering it around kids' passion
    ---------------------jeff: Isn't it about horses for courses?
    ---------------------Carol: Good idea, Ernie
    ---------------------mrsdurff: I would prefer to use a COW
    ---------------------JenWagner: The problem I have with computer labs -- and I did teach in one for 14 years -- is that teachers keep it as a farawy land which they don't wish to visit
    ---------------------chuckholland: make school fun by allowing students to learn the way they want to learn.
    ---------------------JenWagner: that I have seen
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: I agree @Todd the lab model as most schools use it has failed
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: exactly Jen
    ---------------------Carol: True, Jen
    ---------------------Maryanne: Are we ever going to try to answer any of these questions or just keep coming up with questions?
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: our rpt cards have a grade for "computer", they dont even use the word technology
    ---------------------mrsdurff: is that Parisi?
    ---------------------SueH: But sometimes the barriers to lab use come from the computer specialist and the timetable
    ---------------------JenWagner: which is WHY, I advocate so strongly on closing it down
    ---------------------meacherteacher: Agreed Jen. Also as a reward, not a necessary part of the learning
    ---------------------JenWagner: @meacherteacher -- I cringe at what I thought I was teaching 12 years ago was "computer"
    ---------------------JenWagner: It was a game room
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: @Jen, we grow and learn
    ---------------------JenWagner: and admin was pleased
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: @maryanne don't we love questioning? of course answers would be nice too
    ---------------------SueH: Perhaps meld the lab with the library and create a different sort of hub
    ---------------------cfoote: SueH ours are in the same space
    ---------------------JenWagner: smiles, eh, what did he say
    ---------------------mrsdurff: we can learn while gaming
    ---------------------ayucht: "school" = socialized model of education; not a real indicator of Learning & Knowledge. IOW: what year are you in, not what have you learned so far.
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: @sueh you are describing the idea of the learning commons
    ---------------------cfoote: @sueh the learning hub that Kimcofino created very cool
    ---------------------meacherteacher: @Jen Isn't that the point, we tried to teach computer rather that use the computer to enhance the way we were teaching and learning.
    ---------------------SueH: @cfoote -- where do you teach?
    ---------------------JenWagner: Lisa, perhaps, but honestly -- that is a joke -- most people just send kids to the lab to kill 30 to 40 minutes
    ---------------------techicebreaker: @sueh... create a learning lab.. where all kinds of resources are available to learn
    ---------------------mrsdurff: agreed
    ---------------------JenWagner: our lab = teacher break time
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: for those with "labs" at your schools, how many are there and how frequently are they filled?
    ---------------------mrsdurff: yet we do learn while gaming
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: folks we are discussing the learning commons idea -
    ---------------------monika: train kids to intern library hub
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: these are all ideal scenarios, but how many of them can we really enact given our time, our finances, our physical space
    ---------------------SueH: @techie -- with some sort of flow in and out from other nodes?
    ---------------------cfoote: thanks monika
    ---------------------Deb Gavin: we have two and you can never get in
    ---------------------monika: expert students
    ---------------------JenWagner: Lisa, in a perfect world, yes....but honestly, I think as a norm -- that is not what is happening
    ---------------------cfoote: @ernie true, good p;oint.
    ---------------------lynnemb: closing down the computer lab may eliminate the position of a teacher who actually knows something about integrating technology in classrooms; or someone who can help students learn to use applications, be wise online etc.
    ---------------------Marragem: I give my lab time away. More meaningful learning in my room
    ---------------------mrsdurff: i can dream, can't I?
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: @patti it happens when you engage the entire school (teachers, parents and students) in the process
    ---------------------JenWagner: so -- lets wander back to the main point
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: I think the "lab" model some are discussing here is very different from experience at my school
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: @ernie...without the admin, it wont happen
    ---------------------cfoote: homeschooled students typically do well in college
    ---------------------JenWagner: Lisa, actually no -- I think dreaming time is over and reality needs to kick in
    ---------------------charlie_wilson: Change the classroom pedagogy. Create student-centerd project-based learning environments
    ---------------------monika: yeah - we need to act
    ---------------------mrsdurff: pooh
    ---------------------lynnemb: many schools still have very limited resrouces electronically
    ---------------------JenWagner: I think we have "dreamed" way too long
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: @patti admin too, of course
    ---------------------jeff: maybe its a bit of "school" a bit of "home learning" a bit of "cyber cafe" etc..
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: get Obama in one of these chat rooms, tell him what education really needs
    ---------------------Marragem: @charlie_wilson - a reality in my room. That's the early years approach
    ---------------------JenWagner: a bit montesorri??
    ---------------------mrsdurff: I dream of a fulltime job integrating technology
    ---------------------cfoote: how do we become more agile, very important
    ---------------------cfoote: question
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: @lynnemb creating a flexible space for learning is a mindset as much as technological shift - it can be low cost
    ---------------------cfoote: how do we get our systems to be more agile--HUGE question.
    ---------------------meacherteacher: Oops, there's a voice calling - naptime over. It's been fun, gotta go
    ---------------------SueH: @cfoote -- "agile"?
    ---------------------cfoote: easier to move us as individuals than change a system.
    ---------------------monika: we need to offer a smorgasboard...manned by trained students
    ---------------------lynnemb: @mrsduff.. me, too.. anybody know of any jobs? i will relocate almost anywhere for edtech position
    ---------------------Maryanne: @MrsDruff Why not teach a course in teacher ed for pre-service teachers?
    ---------------------cfoote: adaptable,quick to adapt to changing needs.
    ---------------------JenWagner: got it carolyn -- added to etherpad
    ---------------------ayucht: @cfoote: so we need to move enough individuals to create a tipping point.
    ---------------------lynnemb: my college used to teach tech class for teachers, but they dropped it
    ---------------------charlie_wilson: Education doesn’t need to be reformed, it needs to be transformed
    ---------------------mrsdurff: @Maryanne no one is hiring
    ---------------------Marragem: we don't have tech intergrators in my system in OZ. Up to classroom teachers
    ---------------------Maryanne: Keep at it. I'm sure the universities will wise-up!
    ---------------------SueH: cfoote -- I think we have to show over and over that it's a win/win
    ---------------------mrsdurff: @charlie what is the difference?
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: marragem, largely up to classroom teachers in my school as well...but we do have an instructional technology person as well
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: @jenwagner montesorri - why is it considered alternative? when i bring it up many educators look at me with a blank expression
    ---------------------charlie_wilson: The key to transformation is not to standardize education but to personalize it, to build achievement on discovering the individual talents of each child
    ---------------------mrsdurff: differentiation
    ---------------------SueH: @Marragem -- we have 3 district helping teachers for 150 schools -- so our teachers are on their own as well
    ---------------------JenWagner: Ernie -- I have worked at Montessori, HomeSchools and Preschools -- all which were non traditional
    ---------------------monika: which the web allows
    ---------------------JenWagner: I just like the flow it allows
    ---------------------cfoote: can't hear what is being said?
    ---------------------cfoote: Montessori is how all schools should be ;)
    ---------------------mrsdurff: why?
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: @jenwagner - i think we need to force people to really define what traditional means. Too many people rely on the traditional label to protect practices which do not meet current needs
    ---------------------chuckholland: Differentiated Instruction is one way to meet students where they are... but teachers think it is too much worl
    ---------------------JenWagner: Ernie -- forcing people never equals compliance or acceptance
    ---------------------charlie_wilson: Put students in an environment where they want to learn and can naturally discover their true passions.
    ---------------------JenWagner: wish it did
    ---------------------Marragem: @SueH - we have I, if you can call her that, for smae amount of schools. She's really more of a curriculum support.
    ---------------------JenWagner: but I agree -- we need to have a better defintion
    ---------------------cfoote: I wish this wasn't going to be over soon :(
    ---------------------JenWagner: I think it has another 40 minutes??
    ---------------------cfoote: ok ;) good
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: 4:00 est
    ---------------------Moderator: ~30 min
    ---------------------JenWagner: 30
    ---------------------Marragem: thia discussion is very PLP...loving it
    ---------------------cfoote: but then what ;) do we
    ---------------------JenWagner: but again -- we are coming up with questions -- but no answers
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: @jenwagner force might not be the right word - but teachers need to examine what they mean when they say "traditional"..
    ---------------------monika: reallocate resources by educating the public..
    ---------------------cfoote: can someone repeat question?
    ---------------------JenWagner: Ernie -- yes, I agree...and sorry I knee-jerked to FORCE
    ---------------------charlie_wilson: Content mastery and recall are no longer enough. Our children must create meaning in complex and unpredictable environments requiring them to synthesize information and apply it in novel and productive ways
    ---------------------SueH: @Marragem -- we have Learning Support teams in schools here in BC, but those people do not see themselves as change agents in this way
    ---------------------cfoote: I hear Sheryl
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: @charlie - how many teachers can do that...create meaning in complex and unpredictable environments, etc
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: we should be able to but many dont want to think
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: @patti - all of them!
    ---------------------chuckholland: @jenn I'm not sure there are answers to some of the questions. I think we just have to try things and see what works. We can't be afraid to fail. We learn from our failures.
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: @ernie, then you should meet some of my teachers "-(
    ---------------------cfoote: what did they say?
    ---------------------SueH: New role of admin is to make trying safe
    ---------------------JenWagner: but chuck - some of these questions have been asked for 3 years
    ---------------------monika: can will repeat what she said
    ---------------------cfoote: signal broke up
    ---------------------cfoote: twitter ids?
    ---------------------mrsdurff: Someone say "Hi Parisi" for Durff
    ---------------------cfoote: <--technolibrary
    ---------------------chuckholland: true..
    ---------------------Marragem: @SueH - our Executive director & seniior education officers direct the changes in pedagogy/curric. Curric Support tchrs are the ones who have to deliver that to the front line
    ---------------------JenWagner: should I take the mic
    ---------------------mrsdurff: Jen
    ---------------------Moderator: sure
    ---------------------JenWagner: We placed them on the ETHERPAD WILL
    ---------------------jeff: go for it Jen
    ---------------------mrsdurff: that's all you
    ---------------------cfoote: uh is the time to Ian to raise his hand
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: @patti every school has teachers who are addicted to predictable, simple classroom situations
    ---------------------Maryanne: How do you validate or evaluate informal learning?
    ---------------------techicebreaker: <-techicebreaker
    ---------------------LesleyE: Hope some of the people in the room will be blogging about this, recapping.
    ---------------------jeff: go Disrupter
    ---------------------JenWagner: I am raising my hand
    ---------------------mrsdurff: YEAH!!
    ---------------------Marragem: Essential Learnings - is that person from Queensland?
    ---------------------mrsdurff: Ten Million Sandwiches for Ian!!
    ---------------------Mike Sandridge: holy feedback batman
    ---------------------JenWagner: turn off you mic will
    ---------------------Carol: lol
    ---------------------jeff: nice reverb
    ---------------------Moderator: jen, go
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: @mike crazy sounds
    ---------------------cfoote: hi jen!!
    ---------------------jeff: go Jen
    ---------------------mrsdurff: hi jen
    ---------------------SueH: (We can't hear them very well, but they can't hear us at all.)
    ---------------------Maryanne: Yes. Loud and clear!
    ---------------------SueH: HI Jen
    ---------------------lynnemb: I can hear you very well
    ---------------------cfoote: JEn, ask Will to wave if he hears you?
    ---------------------JenWagner: if you could hear me
    ---------------------jeff: well done!
    ---------------------mrsdurff: yes
    ---------------------JenWagner: thank you
    ---------------------mrsdurff: well put
    ---------------------JenWagner: shaking
    ---------------------Moderator: can you repeat that?
    ---------------------JenWagner: and I lost sound
    ---------------------Lorraine Leo: muted session audio?
    ---------------------chuckholland: You did great
    ---------------------Cathyjo: they are just a working
    ---------------------SueH: Got it just right
    ---------------------JenWagner: it is on the ETHERPAD
    ---------------------cfoote: oops
    ---------------------ayucht: well put!
    ---------------------JenWagner: in pink
    ---------------------jeff: you've made them go very quiet
    ---------------------Cathyjo: ive lost audio
    ---------------------Mike Sandridge: :)
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: they are speechless
    ---------------------Carol: no sound
    ---------------------JenWagner: and I lost sound
    ---------------------chuckholland: You left them speechless
    ---------------------Bryan Hughes: We need Will's mic back
    ---------------------cfoote: Ian now we lost our sound :( when u get a minute...
    ---------------------JenWagner: LAUGHING
    ---------------------ayucht: no sound!
    ---------------------Carol: mic mic mic
    ---------------------cfoote: maybe will has to unmute hiimself?
    ---------------------acmcdonaldgp: Great question! No response.
    ---------------------mrsdurff: Ian could we have sound back?
    ---------------------acmcdonaldgp: :)
    ---------------------mrsdurff: ty
    ---------------------cfoote: yeah!
    ---------------------JenWagner: hysterical
    ---------------------Mike Sandridge: good now
    ---------------------Cathyjo: thye are back
    ---------------------Carol: nice.... gj Ian
    ---------------------JenWagner: they probably did not hear me
    ---------------------jeff: stund them
    ---------------------mrsdurff: we heard you Jen
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: they are getting up off the floor now
    ---------------------ransomtech: No... it was hard to hear, Jen.
    ---------------------cfoote: Ian, did they hear us?
    ---------------------cfoote: lol, Patti ;)
    ---------------------JenWagner: LOL
    ---------------------JenWagner: oh well
    ---------------------JenWagner: we tried though
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: the marvels of technology
    ---------------------JenWagner: and that is what is important
    ---------------------cfoote: oops, video frozen now
    ---------------------Moderator (SLA Moderator): can you put the wiki page on the etherpad?
    ---------------------SueH: Thecone of silence has descended
    ---------------------jeff: think you bought the houe down
    ---------------------JenWagner: IT IS
    ---------------------cfoote: we need to tell them about our wiki sidebar
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: we were not in the Circle of Trust
    ---------------------cfoote: Ian, can you tell them our wiki is The Disrupters and that it's on the Etherpad.
    ---------------------Carol: lol
    ---------------------mrsdurff: we aren't trusted?
    ---------------------jeff: he knows we is the disrupters
    ---------------------mrsdurff: well that's because we are disruptive
    ---------------------JenWagner: LOL
    ---------------------SueH: true to our name -- "uber" disrupters among"lesser" disrutpers
    ---------------------JenWagner: I just added our stuff to the top
    ---------------------chuckholland: How much collaboration do you see in your schools? Between teachers.
    ---------------------JenWagner: so sorry that I let you all down :)
    ---------------------SueH: Is there a link to that etherpad?
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: @jenwagner thanks
    ---------------------cfoote: Take us to the bar...
    ---------------------JenWagner: wiwll try harder next time LOLOL
    ---------------------cfoote: Ian, can you moderate that later? ;)
    ---------------------JenWagner: From the Elluminate: does socialization really happen in school? andSueH: I've been wondering about how much greater the culture shock will be as the younger kids who've had more Web 2.0 rich experiences in Elementary schoo reach secondary which tends to be harder to move in this direction.Are teachers segregating computer?? so they can put it on the back burner??If it keeps coming down to TECH -- it will continue to be ignoredcfoote: how do we get our systems to be more agile--HUGE question.
    ---------------------jeff: no Jen!
    ---------------------mrsdurff: yeah, who will answer all our qts?
    ---------------------Cathyjo: Will sounds like he took another sip of helium.
    ---------------------jeff: You were there for us...that's what counts
    ---------------------SueH: NO Jen -- I don't think they tested the technology out enough before they started
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: very little collaboration among teachers in my school
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: time is the biggest factor, motivation is second
    ---------------------monika: i think teachers are facilitators for that exactly... help them self regulate everything
    ---------------------cfoote: Was that Will? ooh, some weird sound going on.
    ---------------------mrsdurff: @Sue Elluminate does that
    ---------------------ayucht: individualized self-directed learning: see
    ---------------------mrsdurff: it's normal
    ---------------------snydersensei: our school lobbied for 40 mins. weekly where there is early dismissal for students so we have pln time
    ---------------------cfoote: lol, Will and helium
    ---------------------SueH: At our school it's growing -- will never be 100% but like ripples
    ---------------------cfoote: @snyder ours lobbied for some late start days
    ---------------------Carol: not much collaborating going on in my school
    ---------------------lynnemb: how much outsourcing, i.e. online classes, should be supported in our schools?
    ---------------------JenWagner: IT is SNOWING
    ---------------------mrsdurff: similar to Toffler's quote
    ---------------------monika: all of it.. we should offer everything
    ---------------------mrsdurff: Snowing here too
    ---------------------cfoote: how do we help our kids spark their passions?
    ---------------------jeff: Lots of collaboration going on in the schools I work with
    ---------------------cfoote: and find their own brilliance ;) so to speak
    ---------------------snydersensei: @cfoote, finding time in the day was a big key to start the ball rolling for sure
    ---------------------SueH: We need snow here for the olympics -- send us some?
    ---------------------KarenJan: who is speaking?
    ---------------------mrsdurff: will
    ---------------------cfoote: can we put all our twitter ids on the wiki or something?
    ---------------------JenWagner: Will
    ---------------------JenWagner: but his audio is off a bit
    ---------------------techicebreaker: Would like to see some snow here in Detroit... I like that quote Smart=passion
    ---------------------cfoote: hi Karen ((hugs))
    ---------------------KarenJan: oh, didn't sound like his voice
    ---------------------snydersensei: sue, ru in whistler?
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: twitter: patti211
    ---------------------KarenJan: thank you @cfoote
    ---------------------SueH: suehatwilkes (Twitter)
    ---------------------JenWagner: make sure we twitter out our names
    ---------------------cfoote: twitter: technolibrary
    ---------------------JenWagner: @jenwagner
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: smart = passion...interesting...know he's big on Ken Robinson...
    ---------------------lynnemb: @lynnemb
    ---------------------ayucht: maybe smart = focused passion. not just interest, but a way to put it to work.
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: twilliamson15 (twitter)
    ---------------------charlie_wilson: Who is leading the charge in your school transformation? There should be a group with teachers, admin, and parent representatives.
    ---------------------snydersensei: @snydersensei
    ---------------------JenWagner: OH -- add your twitter name to our wiki
    ---------------------JenWagner: easier to find
    ---------------------cfoote: can someone grab all these twitter names and paste them on the wiki
    ---------------------techicebreaker: twitter:techicebreaker real world: Chris Prout
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: this is like a paris salon - liking the freestyle discussion - no easy answers
    ---------------------ayucht: ayucht: ayucht
    ---------------------JenWagner: add your twitter name here:
    ---------------------mrsdurff: put on discussion tab
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: if you are in Second Life, I am Vita Demina if you want to connect
    ---------------------KarenJan: needed a break for our vigil at the hospital, wish I could be at educon but not possible this year
    ---------------------mrsdurff: hi Vita
    ---------------------jeff: Erbie.. howd you know?
    ---------------------JenWagner: praying for you and your family KarenJan
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: @ayucht is that a live affirming chant?
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: hi Edith
    ---------------------mrsdurff: Edith here
    ---------------------cfoote: Karen, thinking of you.
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: life affirming
    ---------------------mrsdurff: oh Karen - what is it?
    ---------------------KarenJan: Thank you @jenwagner & @cfoote
    ---------------------cfoote: that's always the rub, what do we do with them.
    ---------------------ayucht: @Ernie: life affirming IS live affirming, or the other way around.
    ---------------------Than Porter: Where are the questions?
    ---------------------mrsdurff: how do get these qts into the school board mtgs?
    ---------------------SueH: @snydersensei -- no -- near Vancouver. This time last year we were buried under mounds of snow. This year none
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: @mrsdurff that would be awesome - get board members talking about these questions
    ---------------------ayucht: heh: from @andreaZeliner: For example, why is it seen as a promotion the farther a person gets from the classroom (into admin, etc.)?
    ---------------------cfoote: Willl, maybe we should put some of these questions on slides in the Flickr group...
    ---------------------cfoote: that is for presentations.
    ---------------------JenWagner: sorry folks -- I lost it when it started to snow at Educon
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: @ayucht promotion, career paths -all these concepts will need to change in education
    ---------------------cfoote: can't think of the name of it.
    ---------------------cfoote: awww, Jen, I know, we're missing SNOW
    ---------------------Marragem: @SueH - I'm heading over your way as part of an OZ study Tour to ISTE. Beginning the tour in Vancouver
    ---------------------JenWagner: So next year -- lets recap this CONVERSATION -- same room/ same time
    ---------------------Than Porter: Yes Durff Get those boards talking and exploring these topics and questions.
    ---------------------cfoote: so what is the answer, what are we doing now with these questions? don't know if I am hearing the answer
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: twitter @erniec
    ---------------------monika: i think we need to share cool stuff that is happening with the public... so that they ask the questions or at least want them to be asked
    ---------------------cfoote: so what is right...what DO WE DO
    ---------------------jeff: nothing
    ---------------------KarenJan: that's always the question - so what, what's next?
    ---------------------jeff: there are no easy answers
    ---------------------cfoote: Let's make some slides of these questions/quotes for this flickr group
    ---------------------KarenJan: yes, i show that all the time
    ---------------------KarenJan: we need to think outside the box
    ---------------------jeff: if there were easy answers we would have thought of em
    ---------------------SueH: @jen -- I've been trying to add them to the botom of our page.
    ---------------------Mike Sandridge: love the escalator quote
    ---------------------mrsdurff: what?
    ---------------------JenWagner: LOVE the elevator quote
    ---------------------lynnemb: twitter names divulged so far for you to copy and paste @snydersensei, Todd Williamson: twilliamson15 (twitter), @lynnemb, JenWagner: @jenwagner, cfoote: twitter: technolibrary, SueH: suehatwilkes (Twitter), Patti Ruffing: twitter: patti211, Ernie Cox: twitter @erniec
    ---------------------mrsdurff: someone tell me
    ---------------------cfoote: missed the elevator quote
    ---------------------JenWagner: wow -- how did you do that??
    ---------------------Carol: me_cp
    ---------------------pammoran: we have to confront escalator responses in our profession-
    ---------------------monika: can't we start by finding cool stuff that is already happening...and share it.. via kids... like - they are showing the public stuff that is refrigerator worthy
    ---------------------Carol: Please add me to your twitter list
    ---------------------Carol: thx
    ---------------------lynnemb: copy and paste.. CTRL C, CTRL V
    ---------------------JenWagner: Hmm -- wait -- I think it needs to be escalator
    ---------------------monika: so that the public is with us
    ---------------------JenWagner: NOT elevator
    ---------------------cfoote: lol, jen, oops
    ---------------------cfoote: Hi ian :)
    ---------------------Than Porter: @nporter to list
    ---------------------JenWagner: that we are so wowed by tech -- it is the escalator --
    ---------------------JenWagner: but when it stops -- we complain
    ---------------------JenWagner: instead of realize, we still can walk
    ---------------------ayucht: ayucht = Alice Yucht = aliceinfo
    ---------------------monika: yes - the public... but not a conversation as much as action
    ---------------------JenWagner: Unless it is an ELEVATOR--- and then WE ARE STUCK
    ---------------------cfoote: ah, thanks Jen, nice analogy. Let's put that on the wiki :) for safekeeping.
    ---------------------jeff: was';t it incubator?
    ---------------------pammoran: the escalator vid if you haven't seen it
    ---------------------cfoote: Ian, can you repeat the question?
    ---------------------cfoote: thanks @pammoran.
    ---------------------JenWagner: okay -- now we have 9 minutes
    ---------------------SueH: @Marragem --when do you arrive here? I'm not back from OZ until mid or late April and will also be at ISTE
    ---------------------JenWagner: please post the youtube link on the WIKI
    ---------------------Mike Sandridge: maybe thats the difference. Some educators feel like we are on an elevator and are waiting for someone to "fix it"
    ---------------------ayucht: hmm.. if stuck in elevator, really need to think outside the box!
    ---------------------jeff: thanks Pam
    ---------------------JenWagner: OH AYTUCHT -- EXCELLENT
    ---------------------Ernie Cox: we have to address national school board associations - then to local
    ---------------------JenWagner: touche!!!
    ---------------------mrsdurff: oh THAT vid
    ---------------------Carol: yes yes yes
    ---------------------JenWagner: can't believe first day of Educon is almost over and my day is just beginning
    ---------------------mrsdurff: yes we call it helpless handraising
    ---------------------mrsdurff: so we use callcups instead
    ---------------------mrsdurff: and many kids chat me instead of talking
    ---------------------cfoote: lol..jen, I was just bemoaning that it was 3 and now what am I going to do, but it's only 1 for you! :( sorry
    ---------------------cfoote: what is callcups?
    ---------------------Marragem: @SueH - June 16. I arrive back in OZ August 2 - staying on after ISTE - heading to the eat coast of the US. Wanted to go back to Canada but can't afford it this trip
    ---------------------cfoote: i can't hear Sheryl, what is she saying?
    ---------------------mrsdurff: I think someone should stream from rembrandt;s
    ---------------------JenWagner: LOL -- ahhh no
    ---------------------mrsdurff: @carolyn blue and red cups
    ---------------------mrsdurff: upside down.
    ---------------------Lorraine Orenchuk: great backchannel. I am trying to share the questions as they come up. The discussion is active though
    ---------------------mrsdurff: if qt put up red one
    ---------------------cfoote: thanks Lorraine.
    ---------------------mrsdurff: if none leave blue cup
    ---------------------JenWagner: I think I almost get more from the conversation NOT being there at times
    ---------------------JenWagner: because of the chat room
    ---------------------cfoote: I can't hear Sheryl if anyone can translate, she sounds like she's eating helium
    ---------------------Lorraine Orenchuk: :-) You are welcome, I love the change to the elevator image!
    ---------------------JenWagner: but still would like to see F2F faces
    ---------------------monika: if we believe we can change.. what do we do with it? we get support from public first... students sharing with public
    ---------------------acmcdonaldgp: excellent point being made....we need to look at our currrent situation from a different perspective! What opportunities can we leverage?
    ---------------------Lorraine Orenchuk: Put everything together and then say what amazing thing can we create when we do things together
    ---------------------Lorraine Orenchuk: that was Sheryl
    ---------------------LesleyE: What does it signify if the best ed tech minds in the business can't come up with at least a few answers. Will for president I say.
    ---------------------monika: like sethi's ted talk on the i can button, kids educating the public
    ---------------------Todd Williamson: alright folks...little one awake from nap...thanks for conversations and thoughts today!!
    ---------------------mrsdurff: snbeach always look at the positive
    ---------------------Marragem: bye Todd
    ---------------------monika: we're not using our best resources... the kids
    ---------------------Lorraine Orenchuk: I hope I can share that out loud
    ---------------------Marragem: @monika agree. Kids can - trust the learner
    ---------------------JenWagner: hey guys -- THIS WAS GRAND
    ---------------------charlie_wilson: Teacher blogs creat a positive attitude from the community
    ---------------------JenWagner: Ian -- you were superb
    ---------------------mrsdurff: indeedc
    ---------------------mrsdurff: this was and he is
    ---------------------pammoran: need to think of our districts more of a leadership web- nodes, hubs of leaders for change including students, teachers, parents, admins- abandon the hierarchy
    ---------------------mrsdurff: paulrwood better get him a pepsi and a sandwich!
    ---------------------cfoote: I love what I heard Sylvia Martinez say once...we don't know what the tipping point will be. Gas prices that mean we can't run school buses....which drives more online learning....anything can end up being a tipping point. So we do need to be ready...more ready, that is.
    ---------------------jeff: deconstruc t and deschool?
    ---------------------SueH: @Marragem -- sounds like a wonderful trip
    ---------------------cfoote: Pammoran, great point. Should put that on our wiki!
    ---------------------cfoote: Ian, you have done a great job..
    ---------------------mrsdurff: so if we all think this = great. what is our action point?
    ---------------------SueH: @carol -- don't think we got your tiwtter id
    ---------------------cfoote: good question Durff.
    ---------------------Than Porter: Is it deschool or unschool?
    ---------------------mrsdurff: @cfoote
    ---------------------Marragem: @SueH -i still have to plan the final 4 weeks of it. Excited
    ---------------------Carol: Put it out there - thanks. me_cp. I put it on the page
    ---------------------charlie_wilson: Have grandparents or parents Skype into your class and read to your students
    ---------------------Carol: great idea charlie
    ---------------------cfoote: I always want these sessions to end with all of us agreeing, we are going to go do X next week.
    ---------------------Carol: love that
    ---------------------jeff: A S Neil talked of deschooling
    ---------------------Carol: great job, Ian
    ---------------------cfoote: Thanks Will.
    ---------------------mrsdurff: i haqve 2 more minutes
    ---------------------chuckholland: Thanks for the great conversation.
    ---------------------Lorraine Orenchuk: I shared the kids as resources quote
    ---------------------chuckholland: Thanks Ian
    ---------------------mrsdurff: i want my money's worth
    ---------------------ayucht: Thanks, Will -- and everyone involved!
    ---------------------jeff: THANKS DISRUPTURES
    ---------------------cfoote: Will, look at our wiki page!
    ---------------------JenWagner: this was great
    ---------------------Carol: great page, all. Jen. thx
    ---------------------mrsdurff: i paid for this conference
    ---------------------JenWagner: Yes, IAN -- let will know we made a wiki
    ---------------------Than Porter: Thanks Ian and all the sharing!
    ---------------------Moderator: xD
    ---------------------Marragem: thanks everyone. This was great!
    ---------------------JenWagner: and thanks IAN
    ---------------------Moderator: i'll tell him
    ---------------------mrsdurff: TY IAN!!
    ---------------------JenWagner: did you get a snadwich
    ---------------------JenWagner: sandwich
    ---------------------mrsdurff: TY IAN!!
    ---------------------Marragem: Thanks Jen & durff
    ---------------------Bryan Hughes: Great jon Ian! Thanks for the hard work
    ---------------------cfoote: Thanks Ian :)
    ---------------------chuckholland: clap clap
    ---------------------Patti Ruffing: thanks everyone
    ---------------------Moderator: not yet, no...
    ---------------------pammoran: amazing sessions today- wish it could have been one big 1 room schoolhouse of learners and teachers
    ---------------------cfoote: You working tomorrow Ian ?
    ---------------------JenWagner: hmmmm
    ---------------------jeff: I didnt pay for this conference
    ---------------------bill farren: Thx.
    ---------------------SueH: I think I got all the id's but you can check
    ---------------------JenWagner: sadness
    ---------------------JenWagner: and sorry
    ---------------------mrsdurff: oh naptime
    ---------------------Moderator: yeah, i'm on tomorrow too, i think
    ---------------------lynnemb: thank you all
    ---------------------JenWagner: can youleave it on just a bit more
    ---------------------cfoote: We'll attend only rooms you moderate :)
    ---------------------SueH: ehterpad link?
    ---------------------JenWagner: so we can see people
    ---------------------Moderator: xD
    ---------------------Moderator: thanks
    ---------------------JenWagner: just a few more minutes
    ---------------------JenWagner: is that okay
    ---------------------jeff: Thanks Ian
    ---------------------Marragem: think I better sleep now
    ---------------------mrsdurff: we know those people jen
    ---------------------JenWagner: I see Gary
    ---------------------mrsdurff: sigh
    ---------------------SueH: OK
    ---------------------JenWagner: Ian is sooo cool
    ---------------------snydersensei: thanks all
    ---------------------acmcdonaldgp: Thanks moderator and everyone else! That was a fascinating discussion! Cheers from Canada!
    ---------------------JenWagner: this was fun
    ---------------------snydersensei: @SueH, will send some of our 30 centimetres your way!
    ---------------------mrsdurff: indeed
    ---------------------Marragem: bye all. Thanks for the conversation...& the learning!
    ---------------------cfoote: It was fun :) maybe we should have a debriefing chat in a little while Jen ;)
    ---------------------JenWagner: Ian is so grand
    ---------------------SueH: Thanks -- maybe also do a snow dance?
    ---------------------cfoote: Ian did do a very nice job.
    ---------------------JenWagner: I am heading out, Caorlyn
    ---------------------JenWagner: but tomorrow??
    ---------------------cfoote: sure...
    ---------------------jeff: Lots of useful stuff
    ---------------------JenWagner: sighs -- I am still in my robe
    ---------------------Moderator: k, everyone, get outta the chat room, i gotta close up :D
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    IvvI do agree
    I still keep going back to the question from last night--how do we help administrators, students, teachers "expose their own brilliance?"
    Great question raised--how do we become more agile? Particularly how do we create systems that are more 'agile"--I think of systems becoming more "internet-like"--interlaced, flexible, always updated, ever changing, instead of these fixed things. But how would that ever happen?
    Patti Ruffing: patti211
    cfoote: technolibrary
    lynnemb:Lynne M Bailey: @lynnemb
    Todd Williamson: twilliamson15
    techicebreaker: twitter:techicebreaker real world: Chris Prout
    Ernie Cox: twitter @erniec
    Than Porter: @nporter
    Carol Potash @me_cp
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